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Welcome to MetPath Laboratories

Meeting your clinical and anatomical pathology laboratory needs 

Get Answers Regarding  
Covid-19 Testing


MetPath Lab can help you with your Covid-19 testing requirements. 
Accurate, FDA authorized, and widely accepted PCR testing with fast reporting of results within 24 hours. 

Hospital Corridor
Doctor with Files


We recognize that verifying the results accuracy plays a vital role in enabling and defining the diagnosis that forms the basis of our patients' treatment plans.

Our Laboratories

 staff is working closely with clinicians to provide diagnostic information that guides treatment decisions. 


In an effort to gain a better understanding of the world around us, we perform a wide array of diagnostic testing in house and partner with several reference laboratories for any special/exclusive tests. Our network of patient service centers has been designed with patient comfort in mind. Contact us to help find a location for you.


Our laboratory staff is proactive in ensuring each patient’s needs are met. Our technicians are aware that they must satisfy and consider the perspectives of both the patients and ordering physicians. Our clinician consultants provide vital information to assist clinicians in making decisions that affect the quality of life for their patients.


MetPath Laboratories is fully licensed by New Jersey Department of Health, New York State Department of Health, Maryland Department of Health, Pennsylvania Bureau of Health, and accredited with CLIA.

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